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How to make your home your castle.  Of course, you should use High Country Window Cleaning to clean your windows, gutters, pressure wash decks, and seal all pavers.  But what else can you do? First, let's start with weed control..........

Weed Control

Do you hate weeds?  In fact, do you really hate weeds? We do, too. Sometimes it feels like you do everything you can to prevent them, but despite your best efforts, they find a way to come back into your beautiful lawn or driveway or patio area. You can quickly take action and treat your yard, helping it reach its full, weed-free potential. Try this home made weed cleaner with 3 simple household products.

My friend once asked if I knew the difference between a weed and a flower.  Her answer, 'a weed is a plant you do not want there!'  Funny yes, but true!  We do not want weeds in our living areas.  We hope his cheap weed killer is helpful to you.

How It Works
If you’re like me and like to know how things work, here’s a little gardening lesson. The acetic acid in the vinegar does two things: it burns the weed on contact, and it lowers the pH of the soil (at least temporarily,) making it hard for the weed to make a comeback.  Weeds stay gone longer!!
Got weeds?  Yes, of course you do!  Make your own bottle of weed-killer in a spray bottle with plain white vinegar! And, it doesn't harm our earth!

White vinegar actually makes a powerful all-natural herbicide.  Be careful not to accidentally splash it on any plants you want to keep.  Adding a small amount of dish soap to the mix helps the vinegar stick to your weeds, rather than drip right off. And that’s it!

Home Made Weed Cleaner

Vinegar, Soap, and Salt - One gallon vinegar, one cup of salt, one tablespoon dishwashing liquid. Mix together and apply. 
There are several benefits to using this cheap and easy weed killer!
1. It’s cheap, 
2. it’s non-toxic, 
3. it’s fast-acting, 
4. it’s easy-to-use!
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