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Attention  Homeowner  Associations (HOA); Condominium  Associations  (COA) or  Cooperatives  

Retain and increase property values of your community

Free exterior cleaning to HOA Clubhouse in exchange for advertising on your community website and approved vendors list.

If you are... 
  • on your HOA or condo association's board of directors
  • on a homeowner association committee
  • a professional community association manager
  • an advisor to community associations

High Country Window & Pressure Cleaning make HOA
management easier, saves you money, time & headaches
and much more!   In the following areas:
  • Soft Washing: decks, house siding, roofs
  • Pressure Cleaning: parking lots, sidewalks, pavers & stones
  • Staining/Painting: decks, house siding, trim
  • Cleaning: gutters, windows up to 5 stories without ladders, playground equipment, pool surrounds
  • Seal-Coat Your Assets: wood decks, exterior paint and caulk degrade over time. It is recommended that you seal surfaces exposed to weather and temperature extremes every three to five years
  • Outdoor Structures: repair fences, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, decks, and other structures, especially wood structures, that may have moisture damage caused by winter snow, rain and ice
  • Walkways: pressure wash all walkways and parking areas to get rid of salt and ice-treatment residue. Repair cracks and chips in walkways and schedule asphalt maintenance, if needed. Moss and algae create slipping hazards and must be removed from all concrete pathways.
  • Roof: HCW&PC will check the building envelope. Look for loose nails in the siding, sagging gutters, leaks around windows and anything else that needs repair or replacement. Inspect the roof for damaged shingles and check the gutters and shady areas for mold.
  • And more!

High Country Window & Pressure Cleaning (HCW&PC) offers a full range of affordable maintenance solutions to residential and commercial properties. HCW&PC provides property maintenance solutions for five North Carolina counties including Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Watauga, and Wilke.

HCW&PC is a local family owned & operated company.  Our experienced staff can help you meet your community association goals while reducing management cost and saving you time and money.  Retain and increase property values of your community.

When calling our office you will always be greeted by a live person ready to assist you. HCW&PC offers cutting edge technology that will allow you to have best maintenance work for your homeowner association at a reduced group rate.

Discounts for multi-home services:
  • Decks
  • House Siding 
  • Roofs
  • Windows

High Country Window Cleaning